A romance travel specialist protects your vacation dollars and saves you countless hours of researching online. I know the locations & properties, and take time to get to know my clients. I do a great job at matching you with the vacation experience you desire. Wasting money on the wrong vacation, even if it is a great deal, can be disastrous. I also save you countless hours of talking to different representatives who do not know your preferences or desires. I handle all of the travel details, the phone calls, waiting on hold, checking prices, booking optional amenities, etc. I work for you, and no one else!

 I do charge a planning fee of $50.00 for honeymoons, romantic travel getaways & cruises; this is applied toward your final payment once your booking is confirmed. If you do not book with me or cancel your reservation, the $50.00 planning fee is non-refundable.


 I am committed to spending as many hours as necessary researching destinations, properties, and cruise itineraries in order to make sure I create a personalized travel experience just for you. I like to know that my time is valued by guaranteeing that you will book with me. If you find a better price somewhere else, please let me know so I can make sure it is an exact comparison of the custom itinerary I have designed for you.
For destination wedding planning, my ‘plan to go’ fee is $150.00, and is non-refundable. Planning a destination wedding is very time intensive, and requires extensive work on my behalf; I make sure your specific destination, the property chosen, additional wedding amenities selected, and arrangements for your wedding day are everything you have asked for. My services include arranging transportation to the selected destination, accommodation planning for all guests, and additional activities for the bridal couple & guests to enjoy.
 I only accept credit cards as forms of payment. MasterCard, Visa, & American Express
Deposits vary based on total trip cost. The average deposit required is $500-$1500.00 if booked more than 90 days in advance.
Final payment for most itineraries is due 45 days before departure, but this can vary based on destination & specific supplier guidelines.